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Track 10: Freedom is Like Gold  

by Andy M. Stewart
arranged by The MacLeods


We heard this song first from "Blue-Stone". It's such a nice song, we thought we just had to play it too. And after all: Freedom should always be sung about where possible. Note the crosstune at the end of the fiddle solo!


There's many who talk of Freedom
And we have some it's true
But if you think it's fairly shared around
Then you don't have a clue,
No you just don't have a clue.

Freedom oh Freedom while men are bought and sold
You're free if you've plenty o' money boys
For freedom is like gold. Freedom is like gold.

She's young and she's a mother
Her man is out on the town
Her life reads like a lousy book
But she can't put it down
No, she just can't put it down.

Apartheid in South Africa
Is everything that's vile
In this land of inequality
Slavery's in style
Slavery's in style.

Have you ever been in CND*.
And are you a union man?
If you stood at the mine in the picket line
You may never work again.
You may never work again.

And the rich folk they have plenty
While the poor folk they have none
But who must die when the bullets fly?
It's the poor man and his son
It's the poor man and his son

* CND: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament