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Track 2: Talk in the Pub

by Tscho Hoffmann
arranged by The MacLeods

Session im Löwen Pub

This song was born on one of those long evenings whilst sitting together with friends in a pub. It was one of those places where you get the impression that the furniture, cupboards, all the things hanging on the walls soak up the voices that have spoken in the past. You can almost hear the echo of their conversations. All the music that has been played there, the songs that have been sung, still resound around the walls.


They talk about their lives, their hopes and their fears
Their sorrows and their joys, the stories of their lives
Lamenting together or dancing till morn
Whatever they feel, they talk in the pub.

They talk about their country, the people and the land
And even when far away, their home is in their heart
Seeking their fortune miles away from home
They'll never forget talkin' in the pub.

A talk in the pub at the ol' wooden table
A glass in your hand, some friends at your side
Faces of life in the mellow candle light
Sittin' together and talkin' in the pub.

They talk about their freedom struggle, stories of the war
They hope that they will win the fight or that this war might end
Hoping to be still alive and life will grow again
When they return back home again and talkin' in the pub.

The king he does not come, but all the others they do
No matter where they come from, no matter who they are
The pub is always there and it's open to all
And sometimes even God he's talkin' in the pub.

One says, that he will marry soon a girl called Mary Mac
Another sings of the brown colleen the star of the county down
People get married, they're longing for love
A never ending story when talkin' in the pub.

The pub is full of stories like the one of Willie's fiddle
The story of Johnnie Cope, and if he's waukin' yet
So many stories more to tell, this song would never end
Maybe we'll meet sometime and talk in the pub.


/G D / C em /
/C D / G D /
/G D / C em /
/C D / C D em /

/em G / D em /
/C D / G D /
/em G / D em /
/C D / C D em /

Drowsy Maggie

traditional reel