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The MacLeods: »crosstunes«

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Track 13: I Will Go

arranged by The MacLeods


After one of our concerts someone asked us, whether we knew the battle song of the MacLeods. Some days later he gave us a tape with it and so we learned »our« song (unfortunately no crosstune in this song). It's from the time of the Highland clearances: The English recruited many Highlanders and while they were away their houses were burned and the Highlands cleared for sheep.


I will go, I will go,
When the fighting is over
To the land of MacLeod
That I left to be a soldier
I will go, I will go.

When the King's son came along,
He gathered us together,
Saying «brave Highland men,
Will ye fight for my Father?»
I will go, I will go.

I've a buckle on my belt,
A sword in my scabbard,
A redcoat on my back,
And a shilling in my pocket,
I will go, I will go.

When they brought us all on board,
The lassies were singin'
But the tears came to their eyes,
When the bell started ringin',
I will go, I will go.

When we landed on the shore,
And saw the foreign heather,
We knew that some would fall
And would stay there for ever,
I will go, I will go.

When we came back to the glen,
The winter was turnin',
Our goods lay in the snow,
And our houses were burnin'
I will go, I will go.