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The MacLeods: »chronicles«

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Track 6: Circle and Cross

by Tscho Hoffmann
arranged by The MacLeods

Stone Circle


Miracle stone circles and tombs
riddles of time, lost in the past
sacred places, long time ago
mythical powers, you feel it somehow.

Tomb What kind of power has moved the stones?
In what divine power did the people believe?
What where their hopes and what where their prayers?
Where do they think, that their dead one go?


Knowledge and wisdom of ancient times
one day a year, the sun lights the tomb
circle and cross, old archetypes
behind the construction the spirit of th' soul.

Magical ring of stones at Newgrange
the plan of the tomb looks like a cross.
Ring of four crosses at Clonmacnoise
mythical powers: circle and cross.



/ em / hm7 / C7+/ C7+ /
/ am7 / hm7 / hm7 / C7+ /
/ em / hm7 / C7+/ C7+ /
/ C7+ / am7 / D9 4(bass: A) / C7+ /
  (Ich weiß nicht, ob der vorletzte Chord wirklich so heißt (sprich: D neun vier bass A). Jedenfalls ist er einfacher als es die Bezeichnung vermuten läßt: einfach das am7 vom vorherigen Tackt zwei Bünde raufschieben)