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The MacLeods: »chronicles«

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Track 8: The One and Only

by Markus Dinnebier (music) and Kornelius Schilling (words)
arranged by The MacLeods


There once where two young brothers,
both livin' in peace and harmony,
standing by each others' side
never feared misfortune just lived their years of joy and light,
felt nothing but freedom born to live not to fight,...

You can't change your destiny, it just happens like it must.
Life is inconceivable like the origin of the sun.
They where the one and only never knew what would come.

No one thought of the worst thing of all
The flames of war they roamed the land
They destroyed their peaceful life,
their house was burned the night dismembered by a cry
it almost broke their hearts as they saw their mother die,...

Dark clouds filled the sky of their life,
but no rain could drown their sorrow
they where damned to rest in pain
didn't see a chance to process into her death
captured in loneliness never learned to trust into tomorrow,...