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The MacLeods: »chronicles«

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Track 1: The Trooper and the Maid

arranged by The MacLeods

A trooper lad cam' here last nicht, wi' ridin' he was weary,
a trooper lad cam' here last nicht, fau the moon shone bricht an' clearly.

She's ta'en his heich horse by the heid, she's led him to the stable,
she's gi'en him corn an' hay till ate, as muckle he was able.

«Bonnie lassie, I'll lie near ye noo, bonnie lassie, I'll lie near ye,
an I'll far a' yer ribbons reel, or in the mornin' ere I leave ye.»

She's ta'en the trooper by the han' , an' she's led him to her chamber,
she's gi'en him breid an', wine to drink, an' the wine it was like amber.

She's made her bed baith lang an' wide, an' she's made it like a lady,
she's ta'en he wee coatie ower her heid, says «trooper are ye ready?»

He's ta'en off his big top coat, likewise his hat an' feather,
an' he's ta'en his broadsword fae his side, an' noo he's doon aside her.

They hadna' been an oor in bed, an oor an' half a quarter,
fau the drums cam' beatin' up the toon, an' alika beat was faster.

It's «up, up» an' oor curnel cries, it's «up, up an away»,
it's «up, up» an' oor curnel cries, «for the morn's oor battle day.

She's ta'en her wee cloakie ower her heid, an she's followed doon to Stirlin',
she's grown sae fu' an' she couldn't boo, an' they left her in Dunfermline.

«Bonnie lassie, I maun leave ye noo, bonnie lassie, I maun leave ye,
an' oh, but it does grieve me sair, that I ever lay sae near ye.»

It's «fan'll ye come back again, my ain dear trooper laddie,
fan'll ye come back again, an' be your bairn's daddy?»

«Oh houd yer tongue, my bonnie lass, ne'er let this partin' grieve ye,
when heather coues grow ousen bows, bonnie lassie, I'll come an' see ye.»

Cheese an' breid for carles an' dames, corn an' hay for horses,
cups o' tea for auld maids, an bonnie lads for lassies.