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The MacLeods: »chronicles«

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The Pub at the Corner

by Tscho Hoffmann
arranged by The MacLeods
including the »Two Generations Jig« by Daniela Grimm


Track 12: Lyrics

Five o'clock in the afternoon, a cold an' rainy day
And the only change in that misty sceen was the colour of the Pub front
The sound of the squeelin' door and the warm fire within.

Not many people inside the Pub, most are still at work
I talked to Methew an ol' freind of mine, How is your wive? How is your son
I told that I've been in Westport last weeks, we talked and an hour was gone.

The Pub at the corner, where we talked so much
Has a time of its own
The Pub at the corner, where we sat all night
is a world of its own.

Don't know when Sean has come; he sits there like every time
Leaned at the wall at the end of the bar, seems to be a part of the pub
The same old cap, the same old look, the only change the bear in his glass.

The Pub's getting crowded now; the clock shows have past nine
The barkeeper is bussy with drinks; the tap does not stand still
Hey Jonnie, hey Mik, hey Betty, hey Clare – the whole town seems to be here.

Ten o clock, the musicians come: accordeon, whistle, guitar
Later a bodhr‡n joins;tThe pub has its own puls.
The same old tunes, the same old songs tell you that this is your home.

Closing hour, the front door is looked, the windowshutter is closed
The musicans play softer now; most people do stay
The pup lights flash three times: last order, let's get a drink.

The last tune has fade away; people leave throuh the back door
The pub's getting empty now. By Jonnie, see ye next day!
The put on full light to clear up the pub while the last guests get up.


/ dm / am7 / dm / am7 /
/ F / C / dm / am 7 /
/ F / C / dm am7 / dm /

/ F / C / dm am7 / dm /
/ F / C / dm am7 / dm /