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The MacLeods: 3rd

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Track 5: Crossroads

By Tscho Hoffmann

I once went out to see my fate
lookin' for life, searchin' for myself.
Did I get there where I wanted to go?
Oh, I don't know, but I am on my way.

Standin' at the crossroads like many times before
The road I go is all the same, but I am not no more
Many things have happened and they changed my mind
Experiences, encounters I thought I'd left behind

Things do change as time goes by
They rush and sometimes they fly
Things do change, and so do I
Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry.

Standin' at the crossroads I think about the part
I have to play within that game, the vision of my heart.
It's hard to dig another road but decision is still free
What I will do within that time that's given here to me.

Things do change as time goes by
Do I agree, do I complain?
Things do change, and so do I
But finally I will always be the same.


(Capo 3. Bund)

am7 / am7 4 (bass: G) / am7 4 (bass: Fis) / am (b ass: E)

//: am / dm7 / G / am ://

/ C / G / F / G /
/ C / G / F G / am /