CD-Cover 3rd
The MacLeods: 3rd

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Track 4: Vanished World

Music by Tscho Hoffmann
Lyrics by Daniela Grimm

Her clear shining eyes look up
To caress his beautiful - beautiful face
No, she don't know there'll be a world full of sorrow
And not anyone there for her to love.

God, I still can't believe
Can't believe this to be true, an EPITAPH
Standing here and that's what it takes
To remind of the VANISHED WORLD.

Her best friend knew she'll give birth
To a child and that he's so glad
God, she don't know tomorrow will curdle mother's milk
And she'll mourn deeply for her dear.

She kissed his temple for the night
Hoping he will make friends at school
Oh, she don't know the world loosing it's children soon
And not a sound sleeper under the moon.

The old woman went up to the mound
Praying to see her dear again
Here she don't know deathly cold will afflict this place
And not any flowers will cover her grave.