CD-Cover 3rd
The MacLeods: 3rd

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Track 1: Life is like a song

Music by Tscho Hoffmann, Markus Dinnebier, Kornelius Schilling
Lyrics by Tscho Hoffmann

When I was young we used to meet
For sessions in the pub
And then one day a stranger came
With a fiddle in his hand
We played together for some time
The usual jigs an' reels
And then I looked at him and asked him
What's your favorite tune?

It's different, he said to me
'cause my favorite tune
Will change itself each time I play
According to my mood
The tune's the mirror of my soul
The life gives me the line
So when I play my instrument
You're list'ning to my heart
He said: hey, hey, life is like a song

Life, he said, is like a song
That runs in diff'rent tunes
When you are sad and down
It plays in minor keys
It may shift some time
When you're full of joy
Your feet will start to dance
And then you will understand
He said: hey, hey, life is like a song.

He disappeared as he had come
And I found myself
Walking lonely late at night
Still thinking 'bout his words
All this happened years ago
And we never met again
But when I take my instrument
It all comes back to me
He said: hey, hey, life is like a song.