CD-Cover 3rd
The MacLeods: 3rd

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Track 2: The Sun in the Rain

Music by Markus Dinnebier, Tim Hecking
Lyrics by Daniela Grimm

Right on this pillow your traces disappear
I can't bear the pain, I'm so afraid.
I'm holding your hand as the rain falls outside
I sit and watch your lifelines slowly fade

And now you slowly close your eyes
Like waiting for a kiss at the end of your stay
The living without you is what I fear
Cause it was your heart that went on my way.

You're looking at life one last time to carry it through
Darling, that's like seeing the sun in the rain
Gently she licks up the cold dew
And makes you beautiful again.

Caressing your face, kissing your lips
Why you? Why now? Why in this way?
You fly to the clouds, they kiss your wings
The grey clouds of dawn hiding heaven today.

The time has come now to say goodbye.
Will I have the power to stay when you're gone
I can't clip the wings that life needs to fly
Fly into another world to carry on.