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The MacLeods: 3rd

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Track 9: Life Denied

By Tscho Hoffmann 27th of July 2000

Before you did know, what life could be
Before you did know, how it feels to be alive
Before you knew, that you were different,
And some might hate you for that
Your life ended before it began
Before you were born you died
In your mother's womb.

Nobody chooses the land, where he is born,
the color of his skin and his mother tongue
Nobody chooses the land, where she is born,
the color of her skin and her mother tongue

A boy of ten years, his life only young
Wrong time, wrong place
It was not his fault
He did not even realize, that his parents' faith was wrong
His lifetime was cut, like yours,
his life denied
By the blast of a bomb

Lifetime cut, people killed, houses burned
Life denied, and not only by bombs
Tell me the reason, tell me why
I cry out in the night
Maybe it was better for you
Never to be born
In this world