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The MacLeods: 3rd

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Track 7: Light

By Kornelius Schilling

Beware of the cold covers you
Almost ev'ry night deep in your heart
You hear the voices scream loud in your head
Keep you awake
Remember the ancient words told you before
Even the Dragonlord obeys the seer
Your passion's over now here comes the day
Of your redemption.

Did you ever see the light that warms you deep inside?
Let it run deeply, to light the vision of your mind for eternity
Keep the glow within your heart for the shining of your melody
Your rhyme and reason are stronger than the dark
And make the shadows flow away.

Just look out and see time is yours
Forget the centuries roaming the land
The savior kissed your soul no more cursed
Welcome back to life
So get out of the cage, a beautiful day
The sun is melting all the pain away
I'll take you by the hand and lead you into
The promised land.